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Image By: Micky.!The Nokia 2011 television advertisement is a great example of innovative branding. It is life affirming, targets several demographic groups, and presents technology in a way that is easy to understand. Viewers feel good after watching this, and develop an attachment to the product. That is exactly what marketing experts are striving to do. They didn't miss and hit the wall with this campaign.
The advertisement opens with the line 'Tomorrow, the sun will rise and set – the rest is up for grabs'. It features ordinary people doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways. There is a man running backwards; a group of colleagues performing synchronised movements with their swivel chairs; and a man smiling out a window holding a handwritten sign with the words: 'Smile, it's Tuesday'. There is a man with a cartoon light bulb shaved into the back of his head; and a group of young women riding their glitter festooned bikes at night. These video images are arranged beside each other, just like the Windows software their new mobile telephone features. The soundtrack to the advertisement is a catchy electronic dance beat, and clearly portrays youth, technology and innovation.
The opening line suggests to the viewer that anything is possible, and that we can achieve anything, as long as we reach out to get it. This is a fantastically positive, feel good message. Before we've seen anything else, we want to associate ourselves with what's coming next. The snapshots of ordinary people behaving in eccentric ways look like a lot of fun, and as viewers, we want to experience this too. Those people could be us, and we could be embracing all the world has to offer. What could help us with this, the subconscious mind wonders. Then like magic, we know the answer: it's this great new piece of technology from Nokia. The way the images are arranged clearly conveys the Windows format, with which most people are familiar and which is visually appealing. The soundtrack is electronic for a reason: the marketer wants to convey that this is a new and exciting piece of technology. This kind of music is generally appealing to young people, and young people are the most voracious consumers of mobile technology.
This advertisement inspires the viewer to dream, to want more than they already have. It presents an eclectic range of people doing positive, interesting or funny things. The message is clear: you can attain your dreams, and you can enjoy the process of getting there. Nokia hope that you will buy their new mobile phone while you're doing that. And you probably will. That's good advertising.

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